UAV Consultancy


UAV Consultancy

A.S. Prote Maritime Ltd’ s consultancy Team provides customized solutions on commercial, safety, legal and technical aspects of the UAV eco-system. Our involvement consists of guidance on identifying, designing and implementing appropriate UAV-based solutions in any specific strategic usage scenario before concluding to tailor-made solutions, with one of our primary concerns being the respect of operational environments.  

We guide, build, assist and supply our clients with the optimum possible UAV solution, suitable to their specific requirements, providing case study analysis and evaluation on the assets and disadvantages of alternate equipment, payload sensors, platforms, communication systems or specific technology for their needs, as well as methods of conducting control and operation.

Our experience includes the execution of UAV appropriateness studies and their usage in differentiated fields of interest, such as human life protection, inland and marine environments’ asset security patrol, marina and port services, marine park surveillance, illegal fishing early warning, warehouse management, on land fire detection surveillance etc.

Training and support are also included in your UAV integration processes.

Trust our expertise

Our long-lasting connection and experience with the sea domain and relevant markets, have led us being mainly specialized on the marine environment without this factor being a deterrent to deal with projects related to the terrestrial environment.