About Us

A.S. Prote Maritime Ltd

was founded in 2013 in Cyprus with the sole purpose of providing armed and unarmed security services to merchant ships, against piracy.
The corresponding branch in Greece was founded in the same year.
From 2017 our activities have expanded to the use of new digital technologies, primarily but not exclusively in merchant shipping, and in general in the maritime environment and relevant markets, providing the following main services:

Secondary services

Our secondary services consist of the research and development of digital productions, interactive and/or non-interactive, with real-time and/or linear content for applications in the wider area of show business, the web, culture, education and advertising, such as Virtual Reality, two-dimensional and three-dimensional representations, content for planetariums (Dome Theatres) and digital platforms as well as IT product research and development services.

A.S. Prote Maritime Ltd is staffed by permanent personnel of higher scientific background, but also cooperates with a large number of external partners, of various specialties, depending on the occasional needs of our offered services.

Evan Christodoulou

CEO / Founder

“Our company’s evolutionary route is fully characterized by the professional course and corresponding research and productive interests of its owner”