6-10 June 2022
A.S. Prote Maritime Ltd has successfully participated at Posidonia 2022
“Our Posidonia participation ultimately promotes our vision to move from a reactive strategy to a proactive strategy enabling a relationship of mutual trust and knowledge with our current and future customers based on the inputs of different parties while boosting our brand image” said Evan Christodoulou, CEO (Posidonia Newsletter, issue 04, May 2022)
STAND 2.151
Presentation: Seminar Room 2A, 09/05/2022 14:45 hrs. METROPOLITAN EXPO
AeRial System and Anti piRacy System (ARSx2)
Our company develops a maritime surveillance system
Two Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAV), for the prevention of piracy on merchant ships, as well as the monitoring of a pirate incident in progress

UAV Consultancy is one of our focused services

A.S. Prote Maritime Ltd' s consultancy Team provides customized solutions on commercial, safety, legal and technical aspects of the UAV eco-system.

We do more!
Research & Development
Maritime Security
Security Services & Consultancy
UAV Survey
Digital Content for Museums, Movies & VR Projects
Development & Management of Digital Market Places
Office Rental Services
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Research & Development

A.S. Prote Maritime Ltd' s many years of experience in participating in a large number of research and development projects is indisputably priceless!
Using new advanced digital technologies, in different fields of interest, as well as our successful presence for 15 years in the past in higher education, makes our company a key player in developing and/or participating in relative projects.


Lately, our research emphasis is focused on the use of new technologies and especially of UAVs, in the marine environment.

Our company’s evolutionary route is fully characterized by the professional course and corresponding research and productive interests of its owner, Evan Christodoulou